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Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett Updated January 28, 2013
Michael Barnett

Author Details

Pen Name
Michael Barnett
Where I Live
Plano, Texas

Mickey Thorn has horribly frightening and realistic nightmares. When he awakes, the nightmare's grip still affects him to such a point that he can't tell the difference between the nightmare he was just having and reality. Mickey knows he is suffering from night terrors... much worse than regular nightmares. What if, instead of bad dreams, this is real? Are monsters actually visiting him during the night? Or, is he losing his mind?

Here, is a little about me. I began to write seriously three years ago, releasing my first book, Eden Fading, a thriller based on my early days two years ago.  This, my second book, When Earthlings Weep, is my first attempt at Science Fiction, where I personally think my real strength lies. This book is about the possible destruction of the earth, aliens and strange worlds, genetic splicing, government agencies gone bad, time travel, and shape-shifting creatures. Dig deeper, and it is a story about friends who bond together against impossible odds, and more impossible enemies in their efforts to fend off an all too certain doomsday future.


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