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Jody L Provost

Jody Provost Updated March 14, 2013
Jody L Provost

Author Details

Pen Name
Jody Provost
Where I Live
Rural Setting outside Atlanta, GA

See the 1930s through the eyes of Hitty, a little wooden doll who experiences an amazing array of adventure and historical events as she lives with characters from all walks of life in this book. Find an underground hot spring; survive an earthquake; even meet a mythical (or is he?) legend! Simplicity and storytelling at its best, this book will make you laugh, make you cry, and want to know more about this doll who is good luck, but not the luckiest one of all!

In the short stories, Hitty is represented as a character who lives in Hittytown, a mythical place of various Hitty dolls and their friends, with adventures for Halloween and other holidays, as well as the different seasons. Short stories are great for the younger set, but the Hitty books are lengthy and perfect for those who love history and adventure.

Follow Hitty doll on her adventures across the country and in the world. Perfect for those who love history, adventure, and learning the meaning of life through a doll's eyes.

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