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Kerin Freeman

Kerin Freeman Updated December 26, 2015
Kerin Freeman

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Pen Name
Kerin Freeman
Where I Live
New Zealand
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WAR AND CHANCE is the story of a young lad conscripted into the army at the beginning of WWII. What was it like for young men such as Thomas Collins who were made to go and fight for King and country in another country, in a war they didn't believe in? What was it like to kill and maim young men such as they? How did Thomas survive his emotional, psychological, mental disabilities? In the arms of his girlfriend Claudette, in the warmth and love of his parents, or in the camaraderie of his best mate, Freddie? Sometimes you can be redeemed, live to love another day. Its really all about love and what we are capable of.

LATEST NEWS: My book on Jack Howard, 20th Earl of Suffolk & Berkshire, GC, scientist, adventurer, farmer & sailor, British spy and bomb disposal pioneer in WWII, has now been accepted by Pen & Sword in the U.K. and will be available sometime towards the end of the year to coincide with 100th year anniversary of WWI. I am very very excited about this as Jack's story has taken 5 years to write and research. He was an unsung hero, a very courageous man who inspired total loyalty and love in all he met. He and his secretary and chauffeur became known as the Holy Trinity in WWII. It's an amazing true story of a unique man. I will keep you informed of publication date. Put it on your book wishlist :)
Conscripted into the army in 1940, 18 year old Thomas Collins is sent to France to fight on foreign soil. He witnesses and takes part in horrors far beyond his imagination. Shell shocked and wounded he leaves Dunkirk on the destroyer Havant. Thomas' recover in Netley Hospital is slow and images of a brutal war refuse to leave his fragile state of mind, especially his bloody slaying of a young German soldier. The boy who left England to fight in France has disappeared and in his place is  husk of a man who wears a mask in the company of the people who care for him. Not long after bombs begin to fall on Southampton, tragedy strikes. And, heartbroken and bent on revenge, Thomas enlists the aid of his army mates and goes looking for trouble.

Review: Just received another review for my book War and Chance: 'This is a well ploughed field and Kerin Freeman has made a fine contribution to it; characters, dialogue, and situations are woven together with a skill that reminds me of 'Brighton Rock'. Thomas, Claudette, Freddie Murphy and licentious soldiers, band of brothers are exactly what we were. Would I buy War and Chance? Certainly. Would I write a script for a feature film about this story if I was asked - you bet!' Julian Dickon, 30 years as a scriptwriter for radio and film Check out interview done with Judy Serrano:
Review by reader Timothy Carter: ‘You hit one out of the park with War and Chance. It’s a ripper of a yarn, a great read and covered all emotions. The characters became real as did Southampton for me, even though I’ve never been there.”


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