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Miles Anthony Smith

Miles Anthony Smith Updated October 10, 2014

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Miles uses the first person throughout to personalize the account, which is based upon not only his perspective, but his successful experiences as such a leader. As he explains, a leader role is less forgiving, with organizational leaders held to a much higher standard and less able to recover from mistakes. While Miles' book isn't the only guide available, it is the most succinct, hard-hitting survey on the market, linking personal ideals and ethics to business and spiritual pursuits alike.

-Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

A young business senior may find it much more palatable than many out on the market today, and I am pretty sure if I was starting out and had read it, I would have made a lot fewer mistakes and have had a much better rep as a leader, maybe. Because it's all exactly that - bite sized and accessible without reading like a tome on business theory from a knowledgeable and entertaining author...a smart choice for a speedy, easy read to get your chops down pat for business leadership.

-Catherine Tosko, Self Publishing Review


Miles Anthony Smith

Author Details

Where I Live
Green Bay, WI
Miles mission in life is “To Chart the Course, Pave the Pathway, and Light the Lane for Others to Eclipse My Own Success in Leadership.”


Leadership Audiobook | Prepare to Face Hatred, Discomfort, Vulnerability, Fear, Betrayal and Peril

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