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Harvey F Cail

Harvey Cail March 09, 2013


Harvey F Cail

Author Details

Pen Name
Harvey F Cail
Where I Live
San Diego

Here is the first part of the story of a family sailing their boat from San Francisco to the North-East Coast of England and back. This book, the first of a trilogy, spans eight countries and covers their adventures from San Francisco to Colon, at the Caribbean end of the Panama Canal.

      Harvey and Shirley, with their two kids Barbara eleven, and Simon fourteen, visit exotic ports, isolated islands and deserted coves; some surrounded by pristine desert landscapes and others hidden in dense jungle. Sailing on and on, sometimes for days and nights on end, four hours on and four off, they endure brutal heat and experience violent gales.

      After a year continually underway or at anchor, they lose the urge to hurry for harbor and become true sailors, living their lives on the sea. Operating independently, with no long-range communication or outside support, they are entirely dependent on their boat and themselves

      There are insights into life on a forty-five-foot boat. Home schooling during an ongoing cruise: Eating, sleeping and working the ship: Seamanship and pre-satellite navigation: Ship’s stores and running the galley.

       Two more books are underway to ultimately form a trilogy.

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