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Lynne North

Lynne North Updated November 14, 2015


Lynne North

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Bolton, UK
Lynne North has had a great interest in books all her life. As a child she loved to read Beatrix Potter and the whole range of Fairy Tales, then Enid Blyton where she lived the adventures of the Secret Seven and Famous Five. In her teens she discovered Science Fiction, until she stumbled across JRR Tolkien and the Hobbit, soon to be followed by The Lord of the Rings. Lynne thinks Tolkien changed her outlook on reading for ever more! Her main choice of reading now is fantasy, Terry Pratchett, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams etc, and yes, she still loves to read children’s fantasy books at times.
In her teens, Lynne began to turn her hand to writing. She started to earn money from magazine articles, but realised her main interest was to write books. Her first, written at the time, was ‘The Quest’ about a village blighted by the curse of an evil wizard. Back then Lynne knew little or nothing about the writing process as a business. She believed you only need a story to tell, right? Lynne soon found that isn’t the case at all. Yes, the story is all important, but so is the way it is written. Maybe one day she will rewrite ‘The Quest’, properly!
Lynne continued to write over the years, still making money from magazine articles and greetings cards. Always though came the call of ‘The Book’
She took courses with ‘The Writing School’, and ‘The Academy of Children’s Writers’, and clutching her diplomas, headed back to book writing. ‘Zac’s Destiny’ came next, a children’s sword and sorcery fantasy:

‘Zac is a fifteen year old stable boy whose life is turned upside down when he finds himself in the midst of demons, magic and a perilous quest. The land around Albemerle castle is under attack, and the only hope of survival for Zac and the people he loves is to find the great wizard, Aldric.
Men have already died trying.
Strange dreams mark the beginning of Zac’s life changing events. Armed with a magic sword, ring and crystal, he sets out with a group of soldiers to find Aldric. Demon attack almost ends Zac’s quest as soon as it begins.
Zac refuses to give up, and soon finds himself accompanied by unusual travelling companions. Many dangers bar their way. Only Zac’s determination and the unexpected help he receives can make it possible to find and free Aldric, and return for the final battle to save the land…’

This was closely followed by ‘Caution: Witch in Progress’, originally titled ‘Gertie Gets it Right (eventually), a humorous children’s fantasy:

‘Gertie Grimthorpe comes from a long line of witches. Unfortunately, she hasn't really got the hang of it. Being blonde-haired, blue-eyed and free of warts isn't much of an advantage.
Try as she might, Gertie's spells fall flat. She manages to give her bat-headed umbrella the ability to talk, but then wishes she hadn’t when all he does is complain and insult people. Even finding an owl to be her Familiar doesn't help. Then again, he is extremely shortsighted…
Gertie is sent to The Academy to improve her spell casting skills. She soon has a best friend in the form of Bertha Bobbit, a big girl, with a matching appetite.
Add to that a Moat Monster with a flatulence problem, the weirdest array of witch's Familiars possible, and a warlock determined to ruin Gertie's chances of success, and the story unfolds.
Not to mention the demon...’

Many rewrites of both followed, like Lynne said, writing is a long process.

Why did Lynne start to write for children? Mainly because she still has a very childlike outlook on life. She doesn’t believe herself to be in her second childhood, but to have never left the first one.

Lynne has learned a lot over the years, and says it has been hard work as well as great fun. She believes it is always worth it in the end when you can finally see your books published.

Lynne still lives in a lovely countryside area in the north of England where she longs for the return of the summers she remembers from her childhood, and continues to write. She has almost completed another children’s fantasy, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’, a humorous fantasy novel for children of nine years of age and older.

‘Finn is a bored young leprechaun. He wants something exciting to happen, but never having been blessed by the Good Luck Fairy, he gets far more than he bargained for. Snatched from the life he knows, Finn soon realises that the grass is not always greener on the other side. He has to face many adventures and dangers and a whole array of weird and wonderful characters in his attempts to find his way back home. This is no fairy tale…’

Lynne is also writing a young adult fantasy, ‘Dimensions’.

‘When Leah first sees the old necklace in the window of an antique shop, little does she know what life has in store for her. Increasingly drawn to the pentacle on a silver chain, Leah finally buys it and soon finds herself having strange dreams about Stonehenge. Trying to put the dreams to rest, she visits the ancient site; only to be transported into another dimension.
Leah arrives in a besieged land of wizardry, magic and demon might. The land needs the help of an Outlander, and to Leah’s disbelief and shock, she has been called.’

Yes, Lynne is busy! She claims that what she needs now is to give up the day job and dedicate more time to writing. Maybe one day…

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