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Sabrina Childress

SC Updated April 06, 2013
Sabrina Childress

Author Details

Pen Name
Sabrina Childress
Where I Live
Chicago, IL
Shout Out
“because of these surpassingly great revelations. Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.” (2 Corinthians 12: 6-10)

A rose is….It blooms and dies and always blooms again. This, my first book, is dedicated to my husband Alfred, my cousins; LaQuita, Jessica, Janesha and Chanel. My sisters Nina, Katrina, Tina, Arnetta, Charkina and Adriane. My mom, Deborah, my aunt Beverly, and my Godmother Cheryl. My best girls; Tiara, Jennifer, Marianne, Kimmie, and Jessica. My friend and trainer Brandon and my creative soulmate George Burton. The greatest professor and friend to ever walk the earth, Donald Crumbley and the always beautiful Sheila Carter.

An enormous thanks to all who are reading this acknowledgement, and will call me later to ask why I didn’t mention them. No worries, I’m protecting you. You’re welcome.

There are people in my life that keep me from being conceited. They are the thorns that remind me that we have a purpose and a promise and I intended to keep mine. I’m happy! I found my sexy.
Desiree' Elizabeth Taylor (Desi) is a sexy, smart, and no-nonsense kind of woman. Some would say she is wholesome -- while others would gladly call her a bitch. She wears many "hats", as most women do, but her "hats" bear the burden of those who look up to her...envy her...and despise her. After years of being married and living the life of the perfect, wife, friend and business savvy know-it-all, Desi had a secret that would destroy everything she'd worked so hard to achieve.  The cast of characters in her life are starting to unravel and Desi is losing control fast! Her marriage to James is on the rocks and her best friend Tina is turning into a spiteful enemy. What happens when Desiree decides, its better to ask forgiveness then to ask permission? {Adult themes} {Explicit Content} Sabrina Childress I'm often described as a “Paradigm Shift”. I’m always moving from one thought system to another! I know! I know! Those damn creative types! Where Evolution is normal, change is constant, leaders share vision, and diversity is respected. I started my career in the Science Institute department at Columbia College Chicago with a major in Film & Video and a minor in Marketing Communications. Doesn’t make sense does it?!

I was impressed and inspired by the fresh and unpretentious style of my own writing so I decided that the world must have me on their bookshelf or computer screen....Don't be so literal, geesh! Just kidding…but not really. I admire the vision of that GOD has given me and therefore I’m willing to strut my stuff as I am “Creatively outspoken and dramatically quiet!“

In the immortal words of my dear mother,
"It will be alright! Praise the Lord and pass the chicken."


Those Necessary Thorns - Book Cover

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