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Chase Blackwood

Book Buzz Updated February 07, 2015




Chase Blackwood

Author Details

Pen Name
Chase Blackwood
Where I Live
New Mexico
Chase Blackwood is the author of Tears of a Heart Chase Blackwood has had the fortune of traveling since an early age. This led to years spent abroad, in a variety of fields. Learning languages rather quickly, the author used that advantage in studying martial arts, culminating in training under a number of masters in the orient for a few years.

Nearly 50 countries visited and having lived in a half a dozen others, these experiences have shaped his writing, allowing for greater depth and more vivid imagery, along with an understanding of the human condition.

He spent time conducting research in the field of Biotech, worked as a physical trainer, martial arts instructor, worked with an orthopedic physical therapist, and has enjoyed the field of health for nearly two decades.

Blackwood has earned a few college degrees, served in the U.S. Military, and as a Federal Agent. Writing however has always been one of his passions, and the author has never once let down the pen.

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Warrior Poet – A review of the novel ‘Tears of a Heart’
“Patience is the virtue that forges great men” - Chris Vincent

Something that’s common and significant amongst all life forms in this world is that period when you shed all the bonds that tie you to your childhood and stand within the cusp of adulthood. The changes are same everywhere, the loss of innocence, gaining a deeper understanding and discovering newer truths about ourselves, physically, emotionally and intellectually. You will experience a definitive shift in your perspective and will have a greater realization of your place in this world.

Author Chase Blackwood’s novel, ‘Tears of a Heart’ is the first book in the Kan Savasci Cycle series of books. It narrates the tale of a boy Kirin D'Velt, a rebel and a daydreamer and the lone son of a murdered father. His father Kovor, a village chief and all his subjects were massacred by an evil force. Left on his own, he soon joins the company of monks who take him under their wings and nurture his mind and soul. After many deliberations, internal conflicts and a change of name, Kirin/Aeden sets out on a journey in which he discovers his true purpose and fate in this world.

Chase Blackwood has a wonderful poetic prose that is put to good use in extrapolating the exotic imagery of this ‘new’ world to the readers. The power of the book is in its ability to recreate visual and auditory responses in these pages like the one we would get after watching a cinematic experience, through the use of words seemingly picked out of nature itself. The story that the author has set out to narrate is compelling and is on solid ground than anything conjured out of whimsy because it's a character driven fantasy that uses both its brain and its heart to good effect. The author goes about very delicately and intelligently introducing the world and its environment to us without ever loosing focus on the story to be told. And for a fantasy genre such as this, most of the chapters go by very quickly and doesn’t get bogged down too often. The short sentences and paragraphs ensure that the reader’s focus is constantly kept engaged and entertained.

The book is divided into four parts and each of these parts has a different and unique pace and feel to it, it’s like four different segments in the life of an individual, none of which are alike and yet have a commonality running through them, and just like life they can’t be segregated into good and bad, it’s the sum of all experiences of an individual, written by evoking moods, experiences and people that the lead character has met or come to know. One thing that can be said for sure about ‘Tears of a Heart’ is that it has a lot more character and ingenuity than other books in the fantasy genre. In fact when you look back at the novel once you are done with it, you will realize that it’s more a finely crafted allegorical novel about a boy’s coming of age story told with a few fantasy elements attached to it than an out and out fantasy novel. And the fantasy element in it is absolutely rooted in the book's world; nothing seems contrived or written just for the sake of it. And there are times when the line between fantasy and reality blurs especially when the book tries to process various thoughts and ideas discussed within a strong philosophical and spiritual aura. And then there are certain segments which really stand out, which smacks of creative brilliance and should find instant appeal amongst audiences for their visceral & intelligent quality.

I think we all have those memories of dreams that we have seen and have buried somewhere within, those wonderful moments when the unreal images transcended the barrier of our consciousness and became a definite vision. Tears of a Heart is in many ways like that, a book that transcends your reading experience to become a delicately beautiful memory.
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