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DeQuan Foster

DeQuan Foster Updated March 11, 2013
DeQuan Foster

Author Details

Pen Name
DeQuan Foster
Where I Live
Newark, NJ

Aeon, creator, and lord of the universe, has brought forth all things into existence. The universe is one with Aeon, but his presence on the physical plain would cause the universe to fold in upon itself, destroying everything. Looming deep in stasis sleep, his essence remains ever present, while he himself remains ever absent. Our Union, is the assembly of the children of Aeon, tasked with keeping the balance throughout the universe. They are the invisible watchers who become embroiled in their own internal war. The collective is shattered when one of them is slain. Sides are taken, and the entire universe hangs in the balance of the outcome. Merridia, lies at the center of the universe. Corvus the first of the lower beings was blessed by Thutmos to rule there as chieftain of the gods. Ages have passed and the Merridians have only grown stronger. Black Dawn, the son of Corvus is haunted by visions of a great calamity that threatens Merridia. In defiance of his father orders, he sets off to meet the threat head on. Will he quiet the storm, or shall it be his undoing? Scicremeon, always thirsting for blood, is driven only by her want to avenge the death of a father she never knew. Even in the face of a god hell bent on her destruction, she stands defiant until the last breath. In her wake, she leaves behind only rivers of blood. Yet, the love of a young boy teachers her that killers too can be kind. Titans clash as bonds are broken and new alliances are formed, while a brewing storm could wash away the fabric of what once was, forming it anew in a sea of darkness where no light may shine. Compelling, suspenseful, insanely gripping, and packed with unforgettable characters, The Twelve is space fantasy that packs a real punch.



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