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Nicolas Wilson

Nicolas Wilson Updated April 22, 2013
Nicolas Wilson

Author Details

Pen Name
Nicolas Wilson
Where I Live
Portland, OR
Whores: not intended to be a factual account of the gender war: In the near future, women’s rights are eroding, and those who refuse their newly proscribed societal role are hunted as gender criminals, by the authorities when they're lucky, and by militias when they're not. This harrowing dystopia is seen through the eyes of a woman cast into a resistance group by circumstance, and a newly minted gender crimes detective tasked with bringing them to justice, as he grapples with whether or not that word still has meaning.
Genre: Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction Published September 2012

Dag: Dagney Morgan, a sarcastic Department of Agriculture employee with an affinity for paperwork, has a chance run-in with a farmer covered in toxic chemicals, and walks away with a genetically modified baby, along with the seeds of a military-industrial conspiracy. Dagney and her makeshift family scramble to stay ahead of artificial soldiers and megalomaniacal businessmen long enough to reap the truths behind an international web of corruption and intrigue. They also stop for pie, at one point.
Genre: Science Fiction/Political Thriller

Nexus: We join up with a generational ark spaceship filled with people who will never again see their home world. They must handle internal conflicts as they grapple with their independence, their isolation, and their sponsors interests, while bargaining with new species for mining rights. 
Genre: Science Fiction
Scheduled for publication July 2013

The Necromancer's Gambit  A group of magicians based in Portland, Oregon tries to maintain order in the face of a series of murders, and a challenge to the societal authority. 
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Scheduled for publication September 2013

Banksters: A sociopath climbs the corporate ladder, and enjoys his just rewards.  Genre: General Fiction
Scheduled for publication November 2013

Homeless: A scourge has made every building on the planet uninhabitable, and the survivors must fight to preserve elements of their former lifestyle, while fighting for security, food, and society.
Genre: Apocalyptic Fiction/Survival Horror
Publishing date TBA

The Singularity: A physicist investigates a temporal distortion, and how it might be related to a football player's progressive dementia at a remote rehab clinic on the Oregon coast.
Genre: Science Fiction Publishing Date TBA  

Selected Short Stories featuring Ghost Dust

Adam West: Naked
and other somewhat titillating journalism from Dangerous Ink
Genre: Nonfiction/Pop Culture/Interviews


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