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C.T. Westing

C.T. Westing January 29, 2013


C.T. Westing

Author Details

Where I Live
Western New York

In a lonely lot at the end of a forgotten road sits a building, a place of secrets and unimaginable horrors. Wendell Mackey has just escaped from it, where he had been imprisoned against his will. But after his escape, Wendell begins to change.

The old Wendell is dying, but something new is being born, something uncontrollable and terrifying. The men in that building planted in him a seed that is beginning to grow, and when they come to find him, Wendell isn't sure what will be there to greet them.

Pursued by his former captors, threatened by the dregs of a city imploding from within, watching his body melt into something monstrous, Wendell sees little chance of escape, until he meets one person, an old woman, who may be the last ray of hope in his brutal and dark life.

What follows is a journey into fanaticism, deception and violence. The horrors of science run amok blend with the surreal and nightmarish, creating a story that forces you to question reality and the foundations of human nature. The Death of Wendell Mackey will stay with you long after the story ends.


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