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Charles Vrooman

Charles Vrooman   November 20, 2014  
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Charles Vrooman

Author Details

Pen Name
Charles Vrooman
Where I Live
Sierra foothills, California
Shout Out
With a scientific background and creative writing skills I have penned two action filled biotechnical thriller novels.
My first book, “Green Power”, deals with environmental issues. The story revolves around methane digesters being used as an alternate energy source. However, when an epidemic breaks out, the safety of this power supply is in doubt.
My most recent novel, “The True Virus”, finds a Hamas bioterrorist hacking into the CIA’s computer and planting a program which utilizes the DNA component of the system to create a real live deadly virus. The result is an epidemic of Ebola breaking out in Israel.
In the biotech thriller, “The True Virus”, a Hamas bioterrorist programs the DNA component of the CIA’s computer system to produce an Ebola virus which causes an epidemic in Israel.

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