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Eleyne Yasmin

Yasmin Eleyne March 13, 2013



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5 star at goodreads, so far from two people, one 5 star on Amazon.
Eleyne Yasmin

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Pen Name
Eleyne Yasmin
Where I Live

If you have ever fantasized about a steamy encounter with a gorgeous horny beast of a rocker then this novel full of sizzling sex with four rock stars will be more than enough to satisfy even the most insatiable appetite. Written in first person which allows you to insert yourself in these truly stimulating scenarios for maximum arousal. Even if you’re a man you still can get what you’re looking for as the heavy metal musicians in question are almost prodigal in their sexual prowess and abilities. Just imagine you’re as skillful and as desired as one of them.

When Yasmin, a young Argentinean girl with a strong dedication to investigate paranormal phenomena and a deep love for rock’n’roll music sets off to London to research a mysterious stone circle where unexplained things keep on happening, she doesn’t even suspect that her study will bring her to explore the limits of her sexuality and will make her discover kinky, erotic experiences only perhaps some most lusty groupies have been privy to. She and her three girlfriends with whom she shares the earnest love for an iconic British heavy metal band and curiosity about the paranormal begin to investigate the vicinity of that gloomy cairn. But what happens when the hot chicks, erotically fascinated by certain rockers, accidentally revive an ancient fertility ritual in their quest for the unknown and wake up the magic of the goddess Hekate, queen of the underworld?
The forces awakened by the ritual bring them back in time to the 80s. Drawn by accident or also magic the members of the girls’ beloved band find them in the stone circle confused, beautiful and naked, still entranced by maddening dance that took them 26 years back. The rockers turn out to be the men from their wildest erotic dreams and fantasies. Thanks to their rockstars’ sexual skills the girlfriends discover how kinky but pleasurable groupies’ life may be like and they gradually cross borders in their own sexuality overcoming their inbuilt moral limitations, finding out that bondage is what they really like and the more perverse the better...
Whether you liked or absolutely hated ‘50 Shades of Grey’ this book is a must for you, if you’re into erotica, graphic descriptions of intimate love-making, so real that it’s hard to believe they are fictional will make you enjoy this first installment of the sensual saga.

Have ever fantasized about a steamy encounter with a gorgeous horny beast of a rocker? If yes, this explicit sexual fantasy of 4 hot chicks about their favourite heavy metal band is for you.

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