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Jim L Wright

Jim L Wright Updated March 29, 2014
Jim L Wright

Author Details

Pen Name
Jim L Wright
Where I Live
Amman, Jordan

When Jim stumbles into a portal that transports him back in time more than a hundred years, he knows he's in for big adventure. Soon it becomes clear that he will not be able to return to his own time. He is adopted by the Cherokee Indian village, and the mother of Dustu, his first friend. Strong bonds of friendship are formed.

Remembering the history lessons from his own time, Jim wrestles with his moral sense and his new found loyalty to the people who have become his de facto family. His story presents a unique view of the life of the Cherokee Indians in the years leading up to the Great Removal and the Trail of Tears. Factual historical information and characters lend a note of authenticity to this gripping tale.


Many of Jim L Wright's tales are set in his native Piedmont, Alabama. His first book, New Yesterdays, is an alternate history fantasy set in the place he still considers home.

Jim currently lives in Amman, Jordan, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, where he is researching materials and settings for his new novel.


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