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Sherrie Lueder

SL Updated February 23, 2017



Book Listings

2011 Top 30 True Crime Book Awards
2011 Top 10 True Crime Book Awards
Best of the Best True Crime Books 2011
Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller
April 2012, considered for the 21st Annual Colorado Book Awards
The People’s Book Awards “January 2013 Kindle Winner”
The People's Book Awards “2013 Hall of Fame”
Amazon International Bestseller
Sherrie Lueder

Author Details

Pen Name
Sherrie Lueder
Where I Live
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
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"He Killed Our Janny": A Family's Search for the Truth--Gripping story of child abuse, domestic violence and corruption in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Not at all unaware, a son and daughter chronicle the events leading up to the mysterious death of their mother.

This book is the first to explore the mysterious death of Janyce "Janny" Hansen, a former top model from Denver, Colorado. She, along with her husband and children, live in an upscale home in the suburbs. The community sees an affluent, glamorous family. The reality is far different--an abused wife who can't let go; a husband who beats and sexually assaults his adopted children--while running gambling and prostitution businesses from their home.

In the early morning hours of September 21, 1984, Janny's husband returns home to discover her lifeless body in his Mercedes convertible parked in the garage--or so he says. Her family are led to believe she committed suicide.

Now, 25 years later, her son and daughter set out to prove she was killed by her husband, a successful real estate developer rumored to have strong ties to city officials and underworld crime. Many believe the investigation into Janny's death was a cover-up--starting with the coroner's office--and that her husband got away with murder.

As the siblings' investigation continues, they are led to believe their suspicions are true. Especially since evidence increases almost daily and points to only one killer--their father.


Until Someone Gets Hurt --Book Trailer
"HE KILLED OUR JANNY": A Family's Search for the Truth--Winner of Top 10 True Crime Book Awards

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