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Debra Trueman

Debra Trueman Updated April 25, 2013
Debra Trueman

Author Details

Pen Name
Debra Trueman
Where I Live
Hollywood Park, Texas
ADVICE OF COUNSEL.  A light-hearted and entertaining Romantic Suspense/Mystery Romance. Meet Samuel Collins.  Unsociable and aloof, the young attorney moves to the tranquil community of Hollywood Park, Texas, wanting nothing more than to be left alone by his nosy neighbors.  But between the 4-year-old kid from next door and the 80-year-old widow from across the street, he quickly finds himself drowning in neighborhood hospitality. In no time, Samuel is representing neighbors on all sides in various legal matters, but when two of his neighbors hire him to revise their will to include one Landra Krally as a beneficiary, Sam smells a rat.  He calls on his investigator friend to check her out, but when Samuel ends up dating the subject of his investigation, things get increasingly complicated. Samuel’s life - or death - may depend on the very neighbors he had hoped to ignore.  

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