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Lovely Whitmore

Lovely Whitmore March 15, 2013


Lovely Whitmore

Author Details

Where I Live

Latrease Wilson falls for an older man who doesn't want the same things in life. He's not ready to settle down. A traumatizing event causes her to develop a rare type of Amnesia, forcing her to lose sight of who she is and the people around her.

Randy Jackson, a child psychiatrist, is the older man she's been dating and comes to her rescue only to discover she doesn't remember him. Even more surprising, he learns that Latrease is pregnant.

The only choice he has is to take her home and begin helping her recover, while hoping her lost memories aren't gone forever.

During which Randy battles his own emotions and discovers his feelings for her are deeper than he'd been willing to admit.

Note from the author***
The sequel, THE SECRET is now available on Amazon.


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