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Glen Shipherd

Glen Shipherd Updated March 24, 2013
Infinity - The Fallen

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After the war ends in heaven, five angels are banished to Earth by the Father. Many years later, the once right hand of the Father is sent to help them earn redemption and return to heaven. Through his eyes, experience his travels to find his brothers on a planet that seems to be doomed by the Father’s will. However, he finds the angels have taken the humans under their guidance. Will he turn them away from their new lives for a chance to return to heaven? Or does he have something else in mind?

I want to give a little insight into the Infinity - The Fallen story content. When writing I decided to look for a creature in mythology and lore that could stand toe to toe while fighting a Vampire. While searching I came across the Anthropophagi. This was one of the charter types that I greatly enjoyed molding into my own. Below is a synopsis of the information that I found prior to writing.
Anthropophagi: The name comes from the Greek word anthropophagos, which means “man-eating.” According to legend, Greek fisherman came across an island and found cannibals for the first time. They were disgusted by what they saw. They described them as hideous creatures lacking heads; they had eyes on their shoulders and mouths in their chests. In addition to consuming human flesh, they used bones for tools and skulls as drinking vessels.
I went on to write them as muscular creatures with shoulders so large it appears that their heads are in their chests. With the strength of 10 men, they can rip the limbs from Vampires with ease. Everything consumed by the creatures gives them more strength. I felt that this gave them a great chance to fight against Vampires.

In a perfect world, good and evil must be in balance. In order to create a perfect world one’s self (i.e. ego) must be forgotten.  This is the simple basis of the Infinity Series.  –Glen Shipherd

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