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J. David Clarke

J. David Clarke Updated March 16, 2013
J. David Clarke

Author Details

Pen Name
J. David Clarke
Where I Live
Arlington, TX
Shout Out
Thanks to the authors of Independent Author Network who have really helped spread the word! Good folks over there.

THE RUBBERBAND MAN AND OTHER STORIES: In "Green" a young girl forms a bond with the great old tree in her yard. In "Onion Street", lovers find their relationship tested in a little Texas Cafe. In "Quantum Theory and Tube Socks", a down and out television producer goes on a metaphysical voyage of iffy science, bad television, and salvation of self. In "The Rubberband Man", the tenuous nature of power is explored when a new student is called before the court of the reigning school bully. These tales and others from the mind of J.David Clarke play out unusual scenes from the strange corners of imagination.

MISSING TIME: Eight students. A lonely bridge on a dark night. When their school bus careens off the bridge and crashes into the river, they are lucky just to survive. But soon, they discover they possess strange powers, like the power to read minds, to fly, or to resurrect the dead. And that's just the beginning. None of them knows exactly what happened, and each remembers something different. Now, they are being hunted down one by one, and to survive they must piece together their memories and solve the mystery of the missing time.

J. David Clarke, author of short story collection "The Rubberband Man and Other Stories", as well as science fiction mystery suspense novel "Missing Time".


The Rubberband Man and Other Stories
Missing Time

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