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Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Raymond Alexander Kukkee December 12, 2014
Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Author Details

Where I Live
Thunder Bay, ON. Canada
Shout Out
I am the author of Morgidoo's Christmas Carol, (literary fiction) a Christmas classic for all ages, and also author of The Fires of Waterland, ( literary fiction with adult content)
Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is available both in soft cover print and Kindle eBook formats

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is a delightful, unique Christmas Classic for all ages. Morgidoo's Christmas Carol crosses centuries in this epic tale that includes persistence, hope, and just a touch of magic and belief in legends. Morgidoo searches for The Great Silver Bell, a treasured legend from an earlier, gentler time when snow was as warm as popcorn. When the Great Silver Bell was lost, snow turned cold, and the bells no longer rang joyously across the land. Will Morgidoo find the world's greatest treasure?...


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