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Revelly Robinson

Revelly Updated December 16, 2014
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Revelly Robinson
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Pangaea is set in a future world 200 years from now where global corporations rule under the banner of a single, integrated government. The world is carved into utilitarian zones for commerce, agriculture and manufacturing. Migration between these zones is tightly controlled. Humans are implanted with a number of chips representing the latest advancements in technology. Through the pervasive influence of commercialism on the mind, these chips are used by people to communicate and access entertainment.
The protagonist of the story, Chantel Wild, and her disabled friend Beren Marley are residents of the privileged metropolis zone. When Chantel accesses a mysterious piece of footage downloaded onto her hard disk implant, featuring ‘purebloods’ that were believed to have been extinct, she enlists the help of Beren to uncover the origins of the recording. They embark on an adventure trip to Freetown on the other side of the world where Chantel learns of the African continent’s colonial past.
Pangaea is a thrilling tale of futuristic adventure. This science fiction, dystopian, techno thriller explores what the future may hold if we continue on our current trajectory of environmental destruction and resource depletion without converting to renewable energy.

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