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J K Slater

JK Updated March 18, 2013


J K Slater

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J K Slater
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'Stepfather Hell' is not a true crime as one would expect perhaps as the story of a drug lord. The true crime is one of child sex crimes, punishable by incarceration to this day.

I do not claim to be a polished writer and have clearly stated that in the preface for all to see.
This story is not written seeking pity at all, my struggle ended years ago. I wrote this story in the hope that other children around the world may be spared the horror and abuse that I suffered. It is interesting that others reading my story have understood the grave concept, and have given great reviews.

Thank you to all who have read my book, and to all considering it.

Enjoy your reading what ever you purchase! Sincerely, J K
True Crime, someone will really go to jail when this breaks the news! Be quick and read A Slice Of Hell before the authorities put a gag on the story if it becomes evidence.

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