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Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Charlotte Boyett-Compo Updated March 18, 2013
Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Author Details

Pen Name
Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Where I Live
Transplant from the Deep South to the Heartland of America

Welcome to speculative fiction worlds of the WindLegends™where Reapers, NightWinds, and Shadowlords rule the night and dark fantasy slips into the arms of his mistress. Here you will find science fiction, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural romance, romantica, horror, mystery/thriller, and post-apocalyptic western novels for just about every reading taste.

My friends call me Charlee. I am the creator of the Reapers™, badass Alpha male shapeshifters with black hair and amber eyes that turn blood red when they are angry. Handsome, deadly men with tortured souls and the only thing that can tame them is the female destined to be their mate. Only she can save her warrior from himself.

The first Reaper™ novel, BLOODWIND, was written in 1996 and was released by Dark Star Publications in 1998. Prime Reaper Kamerone Cree, the black-clad warrior known as the Iceman, started a franchise for me and my Reapers™ can be found in several series: DemonWind™ (futuristic assassins), WesternWind™ (whip-wielding, six-gun shooting werevamp lawmen of the Old West), WindVerse™ (intergalatic warriors), andBlackWind™ (contemporary fighters of evil). The WesternWind™ werewolf Reaper™ series has been my bestselling series since 2005. 

I hope you'll try one of my signature Reaper™ novels soon.


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