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Megan Cox

M.M. Cox Updated March 18, 2013


Megan Cox

Author Details

Pen Name
M. M. Cox
Where I Live
Edmond, OK

Teen Mobster Series (Accidental Mobster, Undercover Wiseguy, Covert Criminal)

Teenager Danny Higgins thinks he's hit the lottery when he's taken in by his wealthy godfather. Of course, if it's too good to be true, it probably is, and Danny soon discovers his new lifestyle is paid for by his godfather's status as a high-ranking mobster. As Danny strives to take the high road and keep out of trouble, he begins to care deeply for his new family. His own family's criminal past haunts him, and Danny comes to realize he may be the only one who can destroy the city's brutal Mafia family. But at what cost to the ones he loves?

The Teen Mobster Series is a trilogy that tells the story of a teenager taken in by a high-ranking Mafia family, and the discovery of his family's own criminal past. Danny must come to terms with who he really is and find a way to protect the ones he loves while still making the right choices. His collaboration with an undercover FBI agent could land him in hot water, but Danny learns to dance a fine line, one which could leave him with a bullet through his head if he missteps.

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