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Mariah Lynde

Mariah Lynde Updated January 31, 2015
Mariah Lynde

Author Details

Pen Name
Mariah Lynde
Where I Live
North Carolina
Born in Fayetteville, NC Mariah Lynde found her passion for the world of fantasy in book at an early age. Spending many days with her nose buried in some written text rather than going out to play, it fostered her love of the written word.

In the end it is a love that has paid off. A participant in the National Novel Writing Month for three years, In November of 2012 She wrote her first 50,000 word Novel. That Book, Dark Fury, would later become the first full novel of the Vengeance of Avalon series.

While still in revision and editing, Mariah published several short stories in a smaller work called Timepiece. Those five 1,000 word short stories were only a portent of what was to come.

While editing the first Novel of the Vengeance of Avalon series, Mariah wrote and created a Novella to set the scene for the coming book series. Darkness Falls is an intricate look at the characters who begin to shape the universe of her embodiment of Avalon.

A military wife and mother of one, Mariah write from her home in the Piedmont of North Carolina. She is a former paramedic and an avid fan of Australian Shepherds.

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