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Xhæz Pleýaren

Xhæz Pleýaren Updated January 26, 2015



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5 stars on review.
Xhæz Pleýaren

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Xhæz Pleýaren
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Eugene, OR
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The Epic Tragedy of Earth took years of research to gather together all the answers to some of the largest conspiracies in history. Mr. Pleyaren delves into the shadow government conspiracies, the Federal Reserve conspiracy, 9/11, The Vatican and Bavarian Illuminati and how it all ties together with ancient astronaut theory and the modern agenda of the Annunaki Gray aliens. You'll learn secrets the government doesn't want you to know. In the process of getting this book published, the author has actually been threatened twice by sinister agents including a visit from the notorious Men in Black. Open up these pages and learn what's been going on both on the surface and beneath it in the United States of America. Warning: This publication will change the way you see the world you live completely!

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