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Roxanne Bland

Roxanne Bland Updated January 31, 2015




Roxanne Bland

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I've been a fugitive from reality since forever. As a kid, I constantly made up stories--some would call them lies--about my family, friends, neighbors and even strangers on the street. I had friends that only I could see. Oh, the adventures we had! You know, just a little kid having fun.

Learning to read was a revelation. Words fascinated me. Whole new worlds opened up, and since my parents forbade nothing, I read everything. Some of it I didn't quite understand, but that was okay with me. I read it anyway. I even read the dictionary. When I was a little older, I was big on mysteries. Then I graduated to horror. I was reading a little science fiction at this time--Ray Bradbury and authors like him--but I really didn't get into it until I was in college. And that led to fantasy, a la Lord Of The Rings, and so on.

During this time I was still making up stories, but not writing them down. They were private. Besides, I thought my family and friends would laugh at me. The only story I recall writing was one that won a contest when I was in elementary school.

So anyway, life goes on. I went to law school. After I graduated and entered the workforce, I finally started writing down my stories. I wrote a bit here and there, short stories that never saw the light of day (which was probably a good thing). Then I fell ill. I had the flu for a month. Bored out of my skull, I started writing a piece of fan fiction, though I didn't know that's what it was at the time. I showed it to a friend of mine who suggested I finish the story.

Well, that piece of fan fiction fell by the wayside, but in its place came a manuscript that would eventually become my first book, The Underground. I absolutely adored writing it. I absolutely adore writing, period. Slipping into that alternate reality for hours on end, there was a time in my life when it was called daydreaming and I got into trouble for it. Now it's legitimate. And that's the best part of all.


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