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Bella Emy

Bella Emy Updated March 18, 2017
Bella Emy

Author Details

Pen Name
Bella Emy
Where I Live
I love to read & write, as most authors do. My favorite thing is either staying up late with a hot cup of coffee & writing or being curled up on the couch with a really good book.

My family is my world. I have adorable twin boys who have my heart completely. I also have a Yorkie named Rocky who I adore.

I enjoyed reading as a kid and would spend a whole day reading a complete R.L. Stine book. As a child, the "Goosebumps" series were my favorite & later on the "Fear Street" series. I also enjoyed the "Babysitters Club" books. Not long after and I began writing short novellas. This started a process in me which I can no longer stay away from. If I'm not writing, I'm reading & if I'm not reading, I'm writing!

My 1st book, "The Charmed Necklace" is about a teenaged girl named Alexia. Alexia is very upset that her family has decided to move right in the middle of her high school experience. She will be starting her junior year in a town where she doesn't know anyone. She misses her friends & just wishes she could be back home. Alexia soon comes to love her new home & new friends & can't imagine going back to her old life. Things start going completely her way once she comes in contact with a mysterious necklace. Soon she must find a way to save herself as well as her friend.

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