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Bill Carson

Bill Carson Updated February 14, 2015




Bill Carson

Author Details

Pen Name
Bill Carson
Where I Live
London England
My first crime thriller Necessary Evils.

A modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with contemporary motivation, takes on a very personal campaign to right the wrongs inflicted on those he loves. Set in England, it captures the frustrations of modern living in any urban setting but wraps the story in the British culture, adding even more interest for those outside that part of the world. Not surprisingly, Dr. Jekyll takes full advantage of existing technology to plan his moves.

John Kane’s quiet mundane world is suddenly ripped apart and he is thrust into a hellish nightmare existence after the murder of his beloved wife. The pain and anguish over his wife’s murder has been harnessed, moulded and channeled into a hatred of the most abnormal ferocity, and an unclosable door had now been wrenched open in his mind, and he had crossed over into the darker realms of humanity where the merciless, cruel, vicious and uncompromising sides of human nature reside. His brain had been rewired and the switch had been flicked.

Has all this been preordained? Are there sinister dark forces at work here? Necessary Evils will have you on the edge of your seat with your heart in your mouth.

Bill's bio.

I had no real desire to write books; in fact it was something that I had never really thought about. I worked as a nightclub bouncer for just over four years and in that time I had been involved in numerous altercations, sometimes there were amusing situations but most were not. I began by making a record of the more unusual and violent incidents that occurred and put them into a diary. After four years I had accumulated quite a lot of material. So I decided to put it all together, the result is what you read in Show No Fear.

I enjoyed the writing experience so much that I enrolled in an Open University fiction writing course which after a year of hard study I passed.

I have now written several books covering various subjects; however the three crime novels Necessary Evils its sequel Nemesis and the soon to be released Never Say Die are my best work to date.

Crime fiction is something that I am most passionate about and I now consider myself first and foremost to be a crime fiction writer and I am pleased to say that my books have received some excellent reviews. I have just finished writing Never Say Die and I am currently working on the fourth in the crime thriller series.

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