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Lorena Glass

Lori Gasser Updated February 12, 2015


Lorena Glass

Author Details

Pen Name
Lorena Glass
Where I Live
Echo (the first book of a trilogy) is the story of two lovers who are under a curse---one of them always loses the other, tragically. But the two of them learn to beat the curse: whenever one dies, the other time travels to the lost lover's next (or past) reincarnation. The novel spans over a thousand years, to several different times and places; and it clearly illustrates the risks one will take, the lengths one will go, and the sacrifices one will make for true love.

Echo could fall under a number of genres, but I call it a slipstream historical fiction love story. And though it is a love story, it's not aimed exclusively at women. Anyone who likes an adventure story, a historical fiction novel, or an epic love story will find something to like here.

I was born Lori Michelle Gasser on December 21, 1972, in Nashville, Tennessee, where I've lived all my life.
I'm a 42-year-old bachelorette who lives with two cats, Juliet and Orion III. I've been writing since I was
a child, and have always dreamed of being, and been determined to be, a published author. I could
call myself living proof of never giving up on dreams, no matter how long they take to come true.

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