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Dr Joshua Kai

Dr Joshua Kai February 15, 2015


Dr Joshua Kai

Author Details

Pen Name
Dr Joshua Kai
Where I Live
United States
Introducing, The Quantum Prayer, an inspiring, deeply personal, chronicle of how the author, Dr. Joshua Kai, remarkably transformed his entire life in the course of just one year.

Like so many people today, Joshua found himself at a point where he was simply “enduring” his life. At odds with his work, relationships, home life, finances, and health, he made the courageous choice to systematically walk away from disharmony, embrace his own authenticity, and intentionally create an extraordinary life of what he describes as Heaven on Earth. Joshua shares every detail beginning with his background in metaphysics, his work as a channel, how he discovered Quantum Prayer, and even the divine synchronicities that led him to ultimately meet the love of his life.

Expanding on his revolutionary new work, Joshua outlines his vision for humanity as we continue to evolve into higher vibrational living. He explains in simple terms and with clear insight how you too can use this unique guidance in your own life to manifest, create, heal, prosper, and even discover your own life purpose.

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