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A. Bello

A. Bello February 17, 2015


A. Bello

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A. Bello
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A.Bello wrote her first novel at aged 8, where she fought monsters and dragons daily. London-born Author, A. Bello, now aged 26, wrote the first in the Emily Knight saga at aged 12, with the intention of filling in a gaping hole in children's fiction for an inspirational, strong, black female protagonist (who can fight like a man!) ​

​“I wanted to write a book based on a strong, female lead character, as I feel this is lacking in children’s fantasy books. Even my main baddie, Neci, is female. It was also important to make the characters diverse, as books tend to feature mainly white characters and growing up, there weren’t any characters like me who I could look up to in terms of race. I love Dragon Ball Z, Anime, Marvel and I’m obsessed with the idea of being superhuman so I was inspired by superheroes. I also wanted the book to be real and gritty; for the characters to be complex, as well as writing something that is laugh-out-loud funny! ”.

Emily Knight I AM... is about a thirteen year old warrior named Emily, who is far from ordinary and she hates it. She’s the daughter of a heroic warrior and the press’s favourite problem child. She lives with the elite in Legends Village. Against her wishes, Emily is accepted in to the prestigious Osaki Training School for children who are born with supernatural powers aka warriors. She learns to fly, create fireballs, breathe under water and play Dojo. Emily befriends, Michella Kinkle, who’s fears she's the average one in her talented family. Wesley Parker, who jokes to hide his pain that his mother is in rehab but he is lethal with a pack of cards and the handsome but very smart Jason Notting, who never notices the girls falling at his feet.

Emily finds it hard dealing with the pressure of filling in her family's famous shoes but when Emily encounters an old face, she has to find a way to choose between the two people that she loves. The wrong choice could destroy warriors everywhere.

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