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Art Costello

Art Costello Updated February 19, 2017



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2015 First Place Self -Help General Award Texas Association of Authors


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Art Costello

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Art Costello
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United States
Art Costello lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Beverly, and their dog Hazel. His family includes three adult children, their spouses, and five grandchildren. His background includes serving in Viet Nam as a Marine, playing college and semi-professional baseball as a catcher, working in and completing a degree in psychology, being a new talent scout in the entertainment business, and owning a business for thirty years. As a counselor at Mercy Mental Health in San Diego, he had worked with world-renowned “play” researcher, Dr. Stuart Brown and while in the entertainment industry working with some of the most identified performers of the times. Art’s greatest joy has been raising his family and spending time with his diverse group of friend
Expectation Therapy is an innovative way of thinking that will transform how you communicate, perceive, and process expectations. It will teach you that your expectations can transform your life for the better. It’s not what others expect of you that really matters, it’s how you react to your own self-expectations that have been developed throughout your years that count the most.

When you begin to understand Expectation Therapy and all it encompasses, you will see the power you have to change your life. Embrace your creativity, your passions, and your value, and you will exceed your own highest expectations!You’re invited to ask yourself this question.
What is holding you back?
You see, we all operate from either Faith or Fear.
Which one is most present in your life?
Imagine you are driving to a destination but every few miles you step on then brakes.
How fast would you arrive at the destination? Is it possible you may not even get there at all.
When we operate from Fear its like stepping on the brakes in our life.
Fear causes hesitation and we fail to take action even when its time to move forward.
Faith on the other hand, it looking at everything as a learning experience, as we move ahead, we grow and improve and experience increased creativity and personal expression.
What if you could revolutionize your life from top to bottom by altering your mindset in just one way? Art Costello has the answer and it’s quite simple: mastering your expectations. Through improved understanding of expectations and their bearing on every facet of life, you can expect:
Increased creativity and productivity
Boosted confidence
Improved human interaction
The ability to steer the course of your future!
Costello speaks conversationally and candidly about his own experiences and how they inspired him to pioneer the original concepts in this book. He explains that expectations re not just a word, but a framework for living. When you operate through faith and not fear, you create higher expectations and create self-fulfilling prophesies for the life you have always wanted. It’s simple but life changing!


Expectation Therapy by Art Costello

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