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William Sewell

William Sewell February 19, 2015



Book Listings

#10 Best All-Time Spy Thriller - Goodreads
Irwin Award Winner 2013
William Sewell

Author Details

Where I Live
Los Angeles Area
There are people whose private lives are no more than their cover story. These people
are known as Nonofficial Assets.

Peyton Stone never quit his day job. But it’s his other profession that might just get him killed.
Islamabad. Baghdad. Shanghai. Kazakhstan, Kabul. Langley. For Peyton Stone, that’s a work
commute. But his is no normal job. On the surface he’s a world-renowned security expert. But his
real occupation is serving as a "nonofficial asset," a contractor working for the CIA when
the government needs complete deniability. While advancing American interests globally, Stone
discovers that those interests can exact a steep personal price. And when his business partner is
murdered in a Shanghai hotel, ominous ghosts from his past return and he’s drawn deeper into the
covert maze, on the hunt for a stolen nuclear weapon and the rogue Iranian admiral hell-bent on
using it. In Nonofficial Asset: The Iran Affair his skills, training, tactics, mettle, and allegiance to
family and country are all pushed to the limit as he races to prevent nuclear catastrophe.
A captivating international espionage cliffhanger, William Sewell’s new spy thriller is not some fake
fantasy conjured by an uninformed novice writer working from his safe, local Starbucks. This is an
adroitly told tale of very real and likely scenarios by someone who has been in some, if not most, of
these dark bunkers—and lived to tell about it. A 30-year veteran of the clandestine services, William
Sewell is a communications security expert by day. But like Peyton Stone, he has another profession.
Exploiting his behind-enemy-lines intelligence experience, Sewell infuses the Nonofficial Asset series

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