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Pattimari Sheets (Diamond) Cacciolfi

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi Updated March 22, 2013



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UK radio show mentioned Pattimari Sheets (Diamond) Cacciolfi on their show saying she was like the writer Harry Potter's author.
Pattimari Sheets (Diamond) Cacciolfi

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California USA
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Writing is my passion and with that passion I write at least 4 books a year if not more. Presently, I'm writing books with my husband, Peter Cacciolfi. We write crime/mystery, fantasy, time-travel, romance, spy, and Children's books which we are the proudest of because they are of value to children.

Presently we are writing a book called The Wizard of Wizardry and his Travels. We have done this short one through Caboome >

Pattimari Sheets (Diamond) Cacciolfi's field is psychology, but her greatest passion is writing books, and she is most proud of her children's books which teach children about rhyming and stories of great value.

Pattimari resides in California where she writes stories and books with her husband, Peter Cacciolfi.


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