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V. Lakshman

Vijay Lakshman Updated November 14, 2015



Book Listings

+ 1ST PLACE, Outstanding Dark Fantasy, 2014 Cygnus Awards
+ SILVER MEDAL WINNER, Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror E-Book, 2014 IPPY Awards
+ SEMI-FINALIST, 2014 Best Kindle Book Awards - Sci-Fi / Fantasy
+ 4.5 / 5 stars "IndieReader Approved" by IndieReader

Self-Publishing Review:
"Mythborn II: Bane of the Warforged is an epic, dark fantasy and the second installment in V. Lakshman’s Mythborn Trilogy, following the events occurring in Mythborn: Rise of the Adepts.
In Mythborn’s world, the realms of Edyn and Arcadia are two sides of a cosmic coin. Edyn is a land of physical rules and the home of the mortal races, while Arcadia is a realm of myth – the abode of angels, demons, and legends. The angels and demons of Arcadia – known as Aeris – are the product of the mortal races of Edyn – created and sustained by the belief and faith of lesser beings. This idea sets the backdrop for the tale – a story of differing perspectives and clashing goals – in which this strange relationship between mortals and gods dominates politics, war, and every being’s way of life.
At the heart of every conflict that is currently occurring in both Edyn and Arcadia is a young man named Arek, a powerful tool of either fate or destruction, depending on varying viewpoints. Arek has been “sent” (indirectly) to the world by Sovereign, a celestial being of immense power, who some say created the world of Edyn. Sovereign intends to use Arek to destroy the Way, so that he might remake the world. However, forces with power of their own are arrayed against his designs: Lilyth, the demon-queen; Valarius Galadine, Archmage of old and self-appointed defender of Edyn; Thoth, Keeper of the Conclave; the ancient dragons, whose duty is to protect Edyn from any threat; Giridian, Lore Father of the Adepts of the Way. All factions want something from Arek – whether his death or his power. It will be up to Silbane, Master of the Way, to find Arek and protect him from the world…or himself.
Mythborn presents an incredibly rich, detailed world, and boasts a near boundless history, lore, and mythology that is abundant and unique. Lakshman’s attention to detail and the depth of backstory lend his tale a remarkable sense of substance, making it seem like a real, tangible place. Similarly, Lakshman provides wonderful description that is both vivid and poetic. His characters and settings are so skillfully described that they seem ready to leap off the page.
As for the narrative itself, numerous, complex storylines are expertly interweaved to create a compelling whole. The number of plots within plots (within yet more plots) is impressive, and Lakshman handles them proficiently. The wildly varying goals of the characters set them at odds with each other with delightful regularity, giving Bane of the Warforged a plot not dissimilar to Game of Thrones – filled with schemes and backstabbing and half-truths.
My one complaint is that Lakshman could make his writing a bit clearer by always setting his characters’ thoughts in italics (as well as their “mindspeak”). On occasion, what is happening is vague because it is hard to recognize that specific lines are a character’s internal thoughts. This occurs rarely, however, and harms little but the flow of the story for a short time.
In summary, Mythborn II: Bane of the Warforged is a backstabbing, arrow-slinging, sword-swinging, lightning-flinging romp of a ride. Lakshman’s tale is self-publishing gold – storytelling at its best. All I can say is this: Dark fantasy never looked so good." 5 stars

Kirkus Reviews:
Debut fantasy novelist Lakshman offers a rousing epic in which supernatural beings threaten the world of their own creators. Lakshman shows a plate spinner's skill as he smoothly balances the novel's diverse elements and keeps the action rolling at a fast clip. The author shapes his ambitious, entertaining story with familiar genre elements--good and bad mages, dragons, dwarves and elves... (The author's descriptions of physical combat, training and strategy have an authenticity that's reminiscent of Elizabeth Moon's 1992 masterwork The Deed of Paksenarrion.) An ambitious, colorful and highly readable fantasy epic.

MYTHBORN takes place in a complex, richly designed world with a substantial history behind it. The book is rich in the elements of standard fantasy - magic-users, dragons, dwarves, demons and gods, royal families and witchhunters - but takes them in different and novel directions. Characters are multi-faceted and fully realized, with none of them ever either too saintly or unbelievably villainous. Each is genuinely acting in what they feel to be their own, their country's, or their group's best interest. It's not hard to sympathize with any of them, and it's easy to be drawn in to their ways of thinking, only to be startled out of it by a sudden change to another character's viewpoint. The story is grippingly intense, with new developments on every page and a thoughtful plot that engages the mind and the heart. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
V. Lakshman

Author Details

Pen Name
V. Lakshman
Where I Live
Bethesda, MD
Author Bio:
Vijay Lakshman was born in Ottawa, Canada. He spent his early years in Bangkok, Thailand. When he was nine, his father took him to a martial arts exhibition and his life changed forever.

He dedicated the next thirty years to mastering the martial arts, his quest taking him across the U.S., Europe, and to China. In 1991 he earned his master's rank in a hard style of Chinese fighting, then in grappling and submission, and finally in kendo, a Japanese style of sword fighting. After that, he accumulated over 1,200 combat engagements against the best the world had to offer. His true passion however, is writing, and Mythborn his first epic fantasy novel.

He spends his free time entertaining his endless curiosity. This includes researching useless facts on Google, testing ideas on combustion and antigravity (only on interesting things), and searching for evidence of pre-diluvian civilizations.

His eclectic experience includes graduation from the Harvard Business School's General Manager Program, creator of over 85 video game titles, thirty years of training in the martial arts, sixteen years of close combat grappling, fifteen years of kendo, six years of long-distance cycling, and taking various things in the house apart.

Putting everything back together is the job of his beautiful wife, two amazing sons, and a daughter on the way to coordinate everyone on damage control.

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