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Jonathan Bryant

Jonathan Bryant Updated February 22, 2015
Jonathan Bryant

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Pen Name
Jonathan Bryant
Where I Live
Jonathan Bryant is an enthusiastic author with a desire to glorify Christ in everything he does. His motto? Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, or For the Greater Glory of God. Since the young age of ten, he’s been hard at work honing his God-given talent to write, and his taste for intense action and thrilling suspense is evident in all that he does. Now nineteen years old, he lives with his family in his hometown in Maysville, Kentucky, but hopes to attend The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California, to pursue a bachelor’s in communication with the desire to become a part-time novelist and a producer and director of his own film company.

Relentless is the story of a young man named Derrin Aethelbeorn, a sophomore attending The Master’s College In Southern California. In one unexpected and tragic turn of events, he is kidnapped by a group of men and shoved into a black minivan. When he awakens from unconsciousness, he finds himself in a huge underground facility, along with many others who'd been kidnapped just like him. His captor, a spiteful man named Erebus, is forcing the men and women to work for him, controlling their minds through some mystical power that cannot be truly understood. Deepening the enchanting mystery, a legend given to Derrin speaks of a Liberator, a man who will free the innocent civilians and destroy the villain’s plot. He must find this Liberator before time runs out, but he soon realizes that it will not be an easy task. The Dark One, a nickname given to Erebus, has many men under his power, and his force is seemingly unstoppable. However, Derrin must at all costs follow the words written within the legend, and he must help the Liberator free the enslaved before the Dark One’s powerful weapon is unleashed upon the world. The resulting fight for freedom concludes with an explosion and a perilous firefight that will leave you absolutely breathless.


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