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Gwen Leader

Gwen Leader Updated February 26, 2015


Gwen Leader

Author Details

Pen Name
Gwen Leader
Where I Live
Midlands UK
Having been an International Estate Planner for many years after studying EU law on succession planning and having written a journal on the subject I felt it was time for a change. So I began writing to amuse the small children of family and friends. I then went onto write poetry and short coffee break stories for adults.

I enjoy writing and once bitten by the bug found all sorts of ideas came into my head, to date I have written several children’s stories, although currently I am trying to find an illustrator hence them not being available to purchase as yet. Several short coffee break stories for women and poetry. I have also embarked on a series of murder mysteries which I call The Selbright Mysteries.

Although these are murder mysteries they are not gory or blood thirsty, more what I prefer to call a gentle murder, if there is such a thing! After years of being turned down by agents and publishers I decided to go it alone and publish myself.

I hope dear reader you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them and I look forward to reading your feedback, they are set in the Midlands where I live with my partner of twenty-two years.

The main characters are: Detective Inspector Jane Douglas, Detective Sergeant Maureen Phipps, and WPC Sarah Churchill.

Jane is married to Adam who is also a Detective Inspector. Maureen is married to Geoff a doctor in the local hospital. Sarah is engaged to Tom Pritchard a police constable. Throughout the books, whilst all very different, the theme continues of Sarah and Toms relationship, from meeting to marriage. Jane and Maureen are happily married the relationships with their husbands have no dramas as such.
The first book “Diamonds” begins with the death of Charlotte Dunn in the Jacuzzi at a local fitness centre, the police have only one word to go on written in Charlottes diary for that day, “Yarpie,” but who or what is “Yarpie”. Charlotte had upset many women over the years by chasing after their husbands, so is her murder connected to her philandering? Is this a case of a jealous wife taking revenge? This is connected to the world of diamond smuggling over two continents and three countries, Charlotte, whilst on the outside lives a normal life working in an estate agent, is in fact part of a gang smuggling diamonds from South Africa through the UK and into Holland. Suspicion falls on Marlene Smith another member of the gang, who is wanted under her real name however before they can find her she herself is killed but it’s not until the police go to her flat and search it that they discover who she really was. A news reader on the local TV station comes under suspicion but has a cast iron alibi for both murders as she was in meetings with several witnesses who vouch for her. She is South African and fled to the UK to escape the evil clutches of her step-brother who is a notorious criminal in South Africa and the ring leader of the smuggling gang. He has pointed the finger of suspicion at his sister but the police are baffled, everything points to her being guilty but it is impossible as they cannot break her alibi. Finally she discovers that her brother has followed her to the UK but did not know she was there until he saw her reading the news on television one evening and she tells the police who to look for, another member of the gang is offered a deal to help them catch the ringleader and when the next shipment arrives they are lying in wait and bring down the entire operation.

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