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Virginia E. Lee

Virginia E. Lee Updated February 19, 2017


Virginia E. Lee

Author Details

Pen Name
Virginia E. Lee
Memberships & Designations
RWA, DARA, Writers' Guild of Texas
Where I Live
Dallas, Texas
Desperate to escape haunting memories of death and destruction, York and his best friend sneak away from their sealed mega-City home. Lured too far from safety by plants and animals on Earth, a planet long thought to be dead, they blunder into the arms of murderous savages. Dragged from the wild freedom of North America's Palouse Hills, seventeen-year-old Sascha has only her telepathic Gift protecting her from a forced marriage to a man she detests. When the two young City Men beg for her help, she must overcome her childhood nightmares in order to help them. After escaping, they are still trapped in enemy territory, where even Sascha's survival skills combined with York's technology are not enough to keep them alive. They must bring their cultures together to survive. Will they be able to overcome centuries of ancient fears and prejudices to reach freedom and find love?

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