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Robert Jackson

RF February 28, 2015
Robert Jackson

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Robert F. Jackson, Jr.
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Clean Indie Reads:
Robert Jackson was an educator before working in his first loves writing & art. These reflect his interest in the culture and history of America and his wife's homeland, the Philippines. The latter was once America's biggest and farthest colony. The couple lived in the Repúblika ng Pilipinás for several years during the Marcos era. He taught in public schools in Virginia & Texas and on elementary, secondary, and college levels in the Philippines. He coached college women's volleyball in the Islands as well. Robert Jackson's website contains Christian and politically conservative cartoons, commentary, poetry, and more. He is a graduate of Mr. Jefferson's University, the University of Virginia. Though his stories contain mature themes and subject matter as well as realistic violence, they are devoid of blatant and gratuitous sexual and violent content. The novels and poetry of Robert Jackson tend to be set in historical periods, especially but not exclusively colonial and frontier periods.

Book 1: Sangre de Cristo: Aaron Jefferson and his best friend Josh face the challenges of life in the Old West when they leave their postwar Shenandoah Valley for the Great Plains in 1865. Unanticipated trouble changes their lives, and they continue on to the Southern Rocky Mountains. In the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico they encounter love, clash of cultures, struggle, hardship, spiritual discovery, and what it means to sacrifice for others. Book 2: Rio de los Brazos de Dios: Newly married Aaron and his Navajo wife, Jóhonaá, leave the comfort of their home at Mission San Vicente in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to look for her two cousins who have been released from the reservation/concentration camp at Bosque Redondo in 1868. Unfortunately the two orphaned sisters cannot be found and may have been taken by slavers to be sold into prostitution. The search leads east into desolate and rugged West Texas, putting the searchers themselves at risk. Book 3: All the Scattered Pieces: Three desert maidens of the Diné might have lived out their lives in the beautifully austere land of their birth had the Navajo not made war on the invading U.S. government and others. But there would have been trouble anyway as whites encroached upon Diné lands, treating The People as if they weren’t good enough to own land. And so life, in the guise of history, kicked them in the gut with defeat, internment, and long marches of either surrender or escape, depending on the fate of each particular girl.

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