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Melica Niccole

Melica Niccole Updated March 24, 2013


From Pretty Women Wonder

Author Details

Pen Name
Melica Niccole
Where I Live
Columbus, Ohio
Shout Out
I would like to send some special shouts to my family, friends, and those would have been very supportive of my endeavors. Check out up and coming author, T. Ayan Nelson, Photographer, Zora Nelson, and Drawer/Illustration, Devo H. They are great individuals to follow and support.

Melica Niccole takes you on an emotional roller coaster by poetically entering your spirit and releasing emotions that have longed to be set free. You will hear and feel the presence of her soul, as she takes you on a journey to unwavering passion and commitment. She is a stong believer that not every journey is the same and encourages those in search for enlightenment to look inside themselves and find the scattered dreams holding them back.  A scattered dream can only be reawakend by those who look inside themselves for the answers and not in the possessions of others.
Poetic Outlets reveals that Melica is a dream big, reach for the stars type of person.  So why not dream big and reach for the stars with her?



Mental Stimulation
From Pretty Women Wonder

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