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Brian Philip Craik Smith

Philip Criak March 23, 2013



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The Independent: Best 50 Books for Christmas - Sophie Morris (Dec 2012)
Brian Philip Craik Smith

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Pen Name
Philip Craik
Where I Live
Brighton, England
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Follow at @TeamPopagami

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BIOGRAPHY - Philip Craik (January 1963 - present) Born and raised in the Vale of the White Horse, Philip was beguiled by tales of the three swords of power, mythical creatures and Wayland's Smithy. January 1963 is a memorable year, except for our author - who at this time was born in the Berkshire Downs, the '63 winter makes the 2011 snow look extremely pathetic . Over the next decade or two Philip was explored the coral reefs and remains of glaciers in the surrounding dales and vales, digging up sea urchins and dinosaur bones that fostered his life passion in geology and science. English, art and 'making things' were three sparks for his imagination, helped along considerably by his design-engineer father. It was indeed his father's interest in writing, drawing and general DIY attitude that passed down to his son. Philip well remembers some of the stories his father created and recited at bedtime, evenings painting an oil or a watercolour still life and making toys of metal and wood in the well equipped shed. The first and incomplete book was written when our author was between 9 and 11. It was to be another book (9th) in Enid Blyton's Adventure Series, set on a Corsican holiday. Over the next forty years many other story plots and drafts were written, but the only works to be published related to observations and discoveries in the field of geology. When Philip moved from an engineering career to education all came together in the formation of Popagami(R) and the pop-ettes characters that are soon to be published in a glorious children's book series. However as a prequel to this series the title 'The World of Popagami - Animal Fun Activities' has been published and released so that the whole Popagami(R) concept can take place in homes worldwide. Combined, there are over 100 Popagami(R) titles nearing completion and being made ready for release over the next five years. If you haven't seen or heard anything about Popagami(R) and the pop-ettes I'm sure you soon will.


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