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Sharon Lopez

Sharon Lopez Updated March 06, 2018
Sharon Lopez

Author Details

Pen Name
Sharon Lopez
Where I Live
U.S.A. Arizona
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I was born in Derry New Hampshire. I now live in Arizona. I have wanted to go to London since I did a report on it in elementary school, so that would be a dream of mine.

I like to read as well as write. Some of my favorite books are The Infernal Device Series, The Mortal instruments series both by Cassandra Clare, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The Leech series by james crawford (he goes by lower case letters). I am also a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, and Shakespeare.

I wrote a play at age ten, and some friends and I put it on for my fifth-grade class. It was then that I caught the writing bug, so to speak. My fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Schwinden encouraged me to continue writing, and so I did. My younger years were filled with short stories, plays, and then finally poetry. When I got into high school, I took a creative writing class which helped me build on my skills. Mr. Hutchings was very supportive and helped me see where I needed improvements. I learned a lot from him and am very grateful to have had his influence in my life. In 2013, I was inspired again, this time by JCB words and the way he lives life. His words are encouraging and insightful and I am grateful for the things he has taught or reminded me of that are the most important in life.
My books span many genres, though best to say separately they are fantasy, crime, romance, action, young adult fiction. Many things happen within the pages of my books; dreams are found, love is discovered, adventure is had, and betrayals happen. Besides writing, I help other authors to get the word out about their books through a page on my website dedicated to authors and books that I have really enjoyed.


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