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Janet P. Caldwell

Janet Caldwell Updated May 02, 2013



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On Point Award 2012-2013

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Janet P. Caldwell
Janet P. Caldwell

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Janet P. Caldwell
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Local Author Poet Janet P. Caldwell make International waves in the Publishing of her third Book “Dancing Toward the Light”

This book epitomizes her Journey through her Trials and Tribulations on to her Triumph. Janet shares with the World her insights through her Poetry and Prose. In her first Book “5 Degrees to Separation” one could clearly see the Spiritual questions she like most of us ask about Life and how do we fit in.

In her subsequent Book “Passages” she still questions, but one can truly embrace this book because she like most of us will conjure our own escapes from the things in life that trouble us the deepest. Janet was undaunted by her observations and continued to “Press” forward until she actually saw the Light of her resolution and now she dances toward it with a new found zeal that confirms the journey along with it’s sacrifices many of us endure. This Book, “Dancing toward the Light” is truly a transforming experience to those who would read and listen to what this wonderful writer has to say.

Janet has been featured Globally in many Anthologies, Radio Shows and Magazines as well.

To find out more about this amazing Writer / Poet you may visit her Web Site :

To see the work she does in service to Humanity visit :

Her new as well as past published offerings can be found and purchased at :



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Dancing toward the Light is a real breath of crisp, fresh, mountain air. Truly and elevated piece of peace that the reader is being summoned to accept. A reflection of travel; of self examination and prostration to a higher more peaceful state of being. The journey traveled between the pages of this work are confirmation that the Light is indeed calling while we all continue our dance toward that beacon of hope and promise. A positively endearing read. Enjoy, and much success Ms Janet!!

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