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Paul Wigmore

Paul Wigmore Updated March 22, 2015
Paul Wigmore

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Pen Name
Paul Wigmore
Where I Live
An Exciting New Master Of Horror!

Do You Like Stephen King?...Then You're Gonna Love Paul Wigmore.

The day Gavin died was the best and worst day of his life so far.

The worst because he lost his beloved in the fire that killed them both, but the best because he was set free from his mortal shell, by Saul. The mightiest demon to ever wander the wasteland of Hades.

It is only with our last breath that one of us, (God's children) can permit to sell our soul to another. The cost is always high and the reward usually fleeting. Yet for Gavin, this was not to be the case. He vowed revenge on the men who murdered his beloved, and he was determined to get it.

So when a soul as damaged and twisted as Gavin's is sold to a demon as dark and evil as Saul, (the bringer of the black plague), the only thing that can follow is devastation and the possible decimation of the human race.

Humanity's only saviour is the psychic Clara, The Guardian and keeper of the Dragonfire which is embedded in the tapestry on her wall. The mysteries of the magical tapestry kept from her until the time comes for her to become The Guardian. The Dragons are there to guide her and help her on her journey. But can she 'become' in time to save the children?

"Ring a ring o' roses, a pocket full o' posies. Atishoo, Atishoo....we all fall down."

The Tapestry is a truly horrific tale which will turn your blood cold and bring a tear to your eye, so settle yourself down for the night...Just don't forget to leave the light on.

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