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Theodore B.C. Wright

Theodore B.C. Wright Updated March 22, 2015




Theodore B.C. Wright

Author Details

Pen Name
Theodore B.C. Wright
Where I Live
Born a in century long past, Theodore B.C. Wright was never one for mincing his words. A quiet and apparently shy child, he spent his time doing things he would later forget, silently and persistently unable to read or write until his fourteenth birthday. It was an auspicious day, marked by his sudden desire to become a novelist, which would mean learning the language of his birth, English. It took him three years of lonesome, desperate practice before the proficiency-fairy took note of his dedication, and granted him talent. It would take another three years for the confidence-elf to bestow on him bravery enough to share his work with the world in his debut novella: 'Tales of Bravery and Terror, a Diary of Sethian Bhaulmante', available for purchase all over the world thanks to Amazon, and for review upon request.

Theodore lives in Canada with his family and two fair and fluffy dogs, continually tapping away his keyboard, the next story, always on the tips of his fingers.

An epic of one young man's journey through life after a great loss, and how he kicks the ass of all who stand in his way as he searches for truth, wisdom, enlightenment, and a good book (kind of). Such frightful fiends he shall face on his way include no less than a lawyer, a dude with a gun, the assumption of a dragon, and a legion of otherworldly idiots.

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