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Dennie Williams

Thomas "Dennie" Williams Updated March 28, 2015




Dennie Williams

Author Details

Pen Name
Thomas "Dennie" Williams
Memberships & Designations
Secretary of The Constance B. Ripley Land Trust, a nature preserve
Where I Live
56 Brush Hill Road, Litchfield, Ct. 06759
Shout Out
Thomas “Dennie” Williams, a freelance writer, worked at The Hartford Courant for almost 40 years, before retiring in November 2005. He
graduated from the Choate School in 1958 and Middlebury College in 1962.

For a short while, he worked as an interviewer and traveling spokesman in the college admissions department. He has since become an alumni interviewer for prospective Middlebury students.

After college, he joined the U.S. Army, went through artillery OCS and Intelligence School before he became a military intelligence officer specializing in investigating North Korean border crossers. When he returned from that assignment, Dennie worked on secret and top secret security clearances for government employees in Washington, D.C.

He finished his military assignments in 1964 and was hired as a news reporter by The Hartford Courant in 1966. Throughout his career at the Courant, he has been a town reporter, a night police reporter, a state desk reporter, a state and federal court reporter and an investigative team reporter. Additionally, he has been a supervisor of state reporters assigned to investigative work.

In the late 1960s as a police reporter he covered several city racial riots. See:

Dennie has worked on countless investigations of governmental and business corruption.

After he retired in 2005 and became a freelance investigative reporter mostly on the Internet, he wrote scores of stories. Five years later, he became inspired to write a nature book.

This nature book is a series of exciting true to life nature tales emphasizing animal and bird interaction and communications with humans. The tales start with a short poem about Chickadees and end with a poetic tour through the Costa Rican jungle. The book opens with a prologue relating how I became fascinated with animals and birds through family influences and experiences. Then, in an introduction, it explains the significance of interactions and spiritual communications among birds, animals and other creatures with humans. Finally, it starts with the first of sixteen true stories or descriptive chapters of interesting interaction among people and birds and animals.

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