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Richard Holt

Richard Holt Updated April 04, 2015




Richard Holt

Author Details

Pen Name
Richard Holt
Where I Live
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Richard Holt is a Canadian author originally from the small town of Kettleby, Ontario.

Richard has always pursued a career in writing, but, as many writers, he has struggled to find time in his busy life to complete anything more than a few personalized children's books for his friends and family, and other short stories that he has kept close to his heart thus far.

He has traveled extensively, having backpacked through more than 30 countries, mostly classified as '3rd World', and has drawn much of his inspiration for his novel 'The Barn' from his experiences and interactions with people from all walks of life while abroad.

Richard Holt currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario.

Below is a plot teaser from his novel "The Barn" :

On a narrow stretch of desolate beach hundreds of kilometres away from the closest civilization stands an enormous, ancient, wooden barn. Inside, sixteen people of varying ages and backgrounds struggle through icy cold winters, stifling hot summers, and a feast or famine supply of the basic necessities of life, waiting to be chosen. From every surface, surveillance cameras record every moment.

There is only one rule to life in the Barn: No one can ever leave. Not willingly.

Ash, the youngest of the inhabitants, has never known a life outside of the Barn. He, like most of the others, has been trapped here for as long as he can remember. Alongside his best friend Michael, Ash leads a relatively comfortable and privileged life compared to the others. As he ages however, Ash slowly begins to realize that life in the barn isn’t at all what it seems to be.

When the unthinkable happens, Ash is left with a tough choice: to either continue to lay low and stay quiet as others are taken from the barn instead of him, or to step up and volunteer himself to visit the infamous Mr. Irvine, potentially subjecting himself to a life more captive and horrific than anything he could have imagined.

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