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Robert Renaud

robert March 26, 2013


Robert Renaud

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Who wants to escape the nine to five workplace and live life again? Of course, the answer is everyone. Yet, in the crowded work-life balance genre there too few books that give a practical formula for the everyday worker to achieve balance in his life. This is truly a pity because millions of workers would love to read about how they can live life more fully and to fulfill their dreams now, all without sacrificing what they currently have.

THE TIME TRADING GURU provides a blueprint to escape the workplace, take life breaks, and to get more out of life. The formula details how to master the levers of life’s principles of time, flexibility, and money, leverage the DREAM process to realize your dreams, and to trade one’s self to a more rewarding life; one full of experiences and relationships and no regrets. 

I write, work like you, and help people become time traders all over the world. If you’re searching for something that’s missing in your life, whether it’s a more engaging job, a meaningful relationship, or a personal quest, I’d like to welcome you to the life of a time trader. I’ll share with you how you can use the levers of life to take life breaks and how you can leverage the DREAM process to attain your goals and reach your potentiality.

What is This About?

The Time Trading Guru is about getting more out of life and opens the door to how you can embrace the time trading principles of time, flexibility, and money to trade that ‘work’ and wasted time into ‘value’ time by leveraging life breaks. I lay out the time trading formula giving you a blueprint to living life more fully. Through my writing, I will share with you how to use the levers of life: time, flexibility, and money to escape the workplace, take ‘life breaks‘ and start living again.

You don’t have to give every fiber of your life to work. Find what’s important in your life and make that the central theme. There’s no such thing as failure, only an admission that you didn’t get the intended results. Rise above yourself and be more than you are today to become something better tomorrow.



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