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Martyn C Stratton

Martyn Stratton Updated March 27, 2013


Martyn C Stratton

Author Details

Pen Name
Martyn Stratton
Where I Live
Bristol, England

Roberta Flynn is a woman on a mission, hell-bent on becoming the first person to capture the ‘Holy Grail’ of paranormal investigation and prove that ghosts and the spirit world are real.

As presenter of a quirky new cable television series GhostScene Live!, Roberta - or Bobbie as she prefers to be known - hopes to stun the world of sceptics and cynics by doing what no-one else has - catching a bone fide, full-bodied apparition on camera. 

            Alex Destry is not so driven. Half-Greek and half-English, he’s a local newspaper reporter who likes football, going to bars and generally having a good time. He is likeable, unknowingly charming and a good son to his parents - often helping out at their Mediterranean restaurant in north London.

The two thirtysomethings are brought together by Leah, a mutual friend, who’s a local psychic and clairvoyant. They are instantly attracted to each other and it isn’t long before they link up both romantically and professionally. Roberta invites Alex to join in her paranormal quest and he soon finds himself working on her fledgling television series. 

Three decades earlier a young, newly-married couple move into their first home in Shepperton, Surrey. Karen and Phil Jones soon realise they are not alone in their home. All kinds of paranormal phenomena occur, from classic poltergeist activity to the bizarre sightings of little black figures and the ghostly appearances of a former inhabitant of the house. As well as hearing strange voices; witnessing objects flying around and the exploding of a giant fish tank, they find their pet dogs are severely affected by something unexplained and their beloved cat refuses point blank to live with them in their new home. Over a two-year period the couple are almost driven mad as the supernatural activity escalates exponentially.

            Karen and her husband rapidly discover that their new home has a colourful history and eventually ask for religious ‘help’ in ridding their home of its unwanted occupiers. Unfortunately, no-one - not even the local vicar - is able to rescue them and they end up fleeing in fear for their lives.

Karen’s experiences in the late 1970s are brought to the fore in the present day after Alex writes a piece for the local paper about his first ghostly encounter with Roberta’s paranormal film crew. After telling of his own experiences with the ghost-hunting team he asks for local people to write in with their own supernatural stories. Karen, who is now divorced and with a new partner, reads his article and decides to tell the tale of her time in Shepperton…



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